4 Best Practices for Running a Nonprofit Silent Auction

This will prompt people to place their last-minute bids while they still have the chance. Having a cordoned off area that deals with the actual monetary transactions will help make transactions private (if requested) and secure. Be prepared to deal with cash, checks, and even credit cards (using any nonprofit credit card processor).
best items for silent auction of silent auctions often drives participants to increase their bids, resulting in more money raised for your worthy cause. Before you ask anyone to donate an item or an experience to your silent auction, I recommend putting together a wish list. Sit down with your board or committee and spend time dreaming up all the amazing silent auction items that you would purchase at an event. Creating a wishlist enables you to focus on what you want, rather than making an general ask for donations and waiting to see what comes in. Silent auctions depend on a fantastic selection of items and experiences.
By combining multiple fundraising activities, you can create a more can attract a wider range of supporters and generate more overall donations. By offering a range of desirable items or experiences for auction, you can incentivize supporters to give more than they might otherwise. One of the best reasons to run a silent auction is to raise money for a good cause. Silent auctions allow you to offer a wide range of items, services, and experiences for auction. Additionally, an online silent auction can be less labor-intensive than a traditional silent auction. However, unlike a traditional auction, the bidding is done silently, typically using a bid sheet or mobile app.
Eagle Bluff raised over $50,000 with the help of our event software. As well as making donation requests through your network, don’t forget to promote your silent auction event. Not everyone will be on your radar, so this is a great way to get the attention of companies through local press, radio, and social media.
Rather than publicly bidding in a live event, their bid is registered in writing on a bidding sheet that accompanies each item. The sheet will also ask for the bidders name and a contact phone number. Each successive bid must be higher than the preceding bid and the winner is the person with the highest bid at the conclusion of the auction.