Content marketing vs Product marketing: Whats the difference? Examples included

Leverage the planning power of Lucidchart to expand and grow your content marketing funnel. Your overall content strategy should be aimed at building an audience and keeping them engaged. For creating shareable blog posts, try HubSpot’sblog post maker.
This may look like comparing against competitors, or reading reviews of your brand. Some common types of MOFU content are case studies, E-books, or guides that begin to provide meaningful value to someone who has you on their radar. Content marketing has grown in importance and popularity in recent years, a natural development as traditional advertising is easier and easier for consumers to mute, fast forward or flip through. But, while many companies see the value of providing content marketing, few are doing so in a strategic or effective way.
You can also use it as a reference when you make changes to your strategy or start branching out into other forms of content. Companies can attract leads through infographics, videos, and blog posts about industry topics and items of interest to their audiences. A content marketing KPI you can use is how many leads you get through email capture forms. The content you create can shepherd prospects through the buying process faster and even encourage them to spend more with you. The benefits of content marketing extend to your existing customers too.
When a consumer is left to make a purchase or decision, all of these previous experiences will influence where they choose to buy their product or service. Although when you look at some of the marketing companies engage in you wonder if they’re purposely avoiding the obvious. If you want to learn about advertising that doesn’t get skipped, find a skateboarder and ask him if you can watch him look through a skateboard magazine. You’ll see that he spends as much time looking at the ads as he does looking at the articles and photos. Much of the content is advertisements, but skaters don’t skip these videos, they watch them just like they watch the other videos, because they’re getting the value they want–good skating.
I recommend that each blog post contain 3-5 internal links to your own content and/or product pages. This keeps people bouncing around on your own site instead of bouncing off of it. It also makes it easier to establish relationships with readers long-term, and has SEO benefits. You can use Google Adsto help your content climb to the top of the SERPs in relevant searches.
Write useful content about these common sales questions/concerns that prospects ask. Many customers will even find these answers through an online search instead of reaching out to your customer service team, to begin with. So your investing article now appears in front of 1+ million potential customers every year. Out of that number, ~25% of people will click on your article. 40,000+ people search for that exact phrase on Google every month. You’ve now put your brand in front of 480,000 potential customers every year.
Doing so allows you to focus on engaging with the audience on the single channel first to develop a loyal audience. Most importantly, it keeps you consistent while building your channel and adjusting to content creation. Lack of time is cited as a difficulty and barrier in developing content byalmost half of entrepreneurs (49%). When you garner an audience that will follow you on other channels, it will help new channels grow faster and will help keep you on track with developing content. Rather than just optimizing for keywords, Google will focus on the overall user experience with the goal of creating a more delightful web. While this will include things such as the UX design, site load time and more, how content gets delivered to users will also be critical.
For both your users and rankings, it’s important to revisit your existing content from time to time. This way you can keep your content fresh and up to date, by making the necessary changes to keep it relevant. Make these updates of your existing content part of your content planning and make sure to do this on a regular basis for your most popular blog posts and pages. When done well, content marketing generates demand, engages your audience, and converts it into customers and brand loyalists. But to make this happen, you must understand how the content marketing funnel works. Once you get the sign-off to start content marketing in your organization, your next step will be to craft a content marketing plan.
Local SEO , search rank, and time spent on page are all nice — but they tell you nothing about the quality of your content. Learn alternative key performance indicators and how to communicate them up and out. Amanda Natividad is VP of Marketing for audience research startup, SparkToro. In her 9-year marketing career, she has managed B2C and B2B marketing teams across consumer packaged goods, SaaS, and agency side. Earlier in her career, she built Fitbit’s B2B content program. There aren’t many who understand how to tie content strategy back to growth, and I don’t think there’s anyone more knowledgeable in that regard than Amanda Natividad.
Ideally, your content is creating a community of people who feel positively about you and want to purchase your exclusive content or product. You can only do that by dissecting who your ideal customer is. Analyze what content they are already consuming, and solve problems for them in a way your competitors are not. There are many assertions about the best day of the week to send content.